20 outubro 2011

Deixa-me rir...

Caros Audiophiles, Jim Croce is perhaps an unfamiliar name, but possibly you will be familiar with these two songs. He was an American singer/songwriter in the ealy 1970s who achieved a short but considerable success before he was tragically killed, like so many artists, in a plane accident.
I discovered him many years ago when I lived in France. After hearing him on a late-night radio station, I bought a book of his songs to learn on my guitar. Well, I practise sometimes, but still cannot play like he could.
His songs should speak eloquently for themselves.

Time in a Bottle

I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song

A próxima.


1 comentário:

Anónimo disse...

It's funny: the first one reminds me of fado. Parts of it sound like fado. John Denver & fado. The second one has something of Cat Stevens. And he looks very Portuguese!! :) - Great stuff, as usual! Bjs. pcp

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