23 agosto 2012

Deixa-me rir

"Caros audiophiles, it is perhaps appropriate, during your summer heatwave and my Olympics feel-good vibe, that we should honour the recent death of Scott Mackenzie who recorded the iconic pop anthem of the 'Summer Of Love' 1967: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair). Written by his friend John Phillips, chief papa of the Mamas & Papas, it was Scott's only success, but his place in pop history is assured:

Tony Scott, the fllm director, also died this week. His style-over-substance 'blockbuster' genre of films are not perhaps the first choice of the sophisticated readers of this Blog, but his films provided great box office appeal and soundtracks with great songs.
From his hugely popular and entertaining Top Gun in 1986, which made Tom Cruise a star, came the power pop ballad Take My Breath Away by the band Berlin:

Tony Scott attempted to repeat the "we have a need for speed" formula with fast racing cars in Days Of Thunder in 1990. The film, with Tom Cruise again and Nicole Kidman, was awful but it did feature the more memorable and rather wonderful Show Me Heaven by one of my favourite singers Maria McKee:

To both Scotts: RIP.

A proxima.


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