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Deixa-me rir...

Caros Audiophiles, thoughts of Easter/Pascoa leads to thoughts of family reunion and of children, or in my case of nieces and nephews.
We have a tradition here on Easter Sunday, to celebrate the end of Lent/Quaresma, of giving gifts of Easter eggs, which can be either decoratively painted real eggs or eggs made of chocolate wrapped in brightly coloured paper. After the family lunch the adults organise a "treasure hunt" in the garden (or around the house if it is raining) and hide lots of miniature chocolate eggs which the children must then try to find.
Well, my friend and I were chatting about family and kids and thinking "how cool" it would be to be able to play guitar and teach songs to our children or nieces and nephews.
This first song is one of my very first musical memories, and we both agreed, my friend and I, that this song should be learnt on the guitar and passed down, like an oral history, from generation to generation, as a shared experience, bridging the steps from young childhood to loss of innocence and adulthood:

And then I thought of bedtime, when a parent might sing a lullaby to their children just before they (the children!) fall asleep.
This second song remains for me a cherished musical memory of my childhood. Sadly my parents did not sing it to me, and I have no children to sing it to. It comes from a favourite childhood fantasy film called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a story written surprisingly by James Bond's creator Ian Fleming, about a flying car built by an inventor Professor Potts for his two children. And this is the lullaby song that the Professor sings to his children:

To all of us who remain young in heart and like to recall more innocent days... e Boa Pascoa.

A proxima.


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Luiza Azancot disse...

As I pack to spend Easter with my British grand children and prepare to hide eggs probably inside the house, I could help sharing that Puff the Magic Dragon was a pot smoking song for a child of the 60's (me). LOL thinking of my son in law's, Iain Fleming, if I sang it to his children!!!!! ahahahah!
Thanks for your memories.

Ana CC disse...

Delicious. I loved this song.
Happy Ester Po, and thank you for reminding the really important things in life.

Anónimo disse...

Hello Luiza, I do know that some people associate Puff with pot. I'm not sure how some of the lyrics fit this, but anyway it is an enchanting imaginative story... How funny that your son-in-law is also Iain Fleming! And I enjoyed your subtle assumption that the egg hunt will be inside; last week people were at the beach, this week we are throwing snowballs! Happy Easter! ...
Thanks Ana, your comment reminds me of a famous quote by Maya Angelou which I must share next time...

Anónimo disse...

Dear PO, what a lovely post! And yes, thank you for reminding us the important things in life.

Beijinho e Boa Páscoa,

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