quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Deixa-me rir...

"Caros audiophiles, after many weeks of nostalgic remembrance of established and famous artists, I think it is fitting to celebrate the New Year with a new upcoming artist from London.
Rumer is her name. She sings her own compositions of soulful jazz, jazzy soul. She has a gorgeous soft deep-toned voice reminiscent of Karen Carpenter, but I hear also Dusty Springfield. In other words, impeccable, classy. Burt Bacharach paid for her to fly to California so that he could hear her sing, and has now written some songs especially for her. He is the epitome of good taste.
Rumer has a special talent which deserves to become very well known and appreciated during 2011.

I wish you all a happy, exciting, healthy, fulfilling...and musical... 2011.

A proxima.

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Anónimo disse...

Yes, absolutely, very Carpenter. Very classy, very transparent, very good taste. No wonder Burt Bacharach, if he is indeed the epitome of good taste, invited her to sing in California. Her sound reminds me so much of him! They share something, definitely. Elegance, flawlessness ?!! something like that. Still, though she has a beautiful voice, I don't think that she is tremendously original. I wish I could hear her sing something very soulful, very moving, kind of Etta James or Aretha... to see how she does... Have a fabulous year ahead, dear P. And thank you so much for all your musical choices and texts throughout 2010. They've enriched me and, I think JdB would agree, enriched the blog. Bjs. pcp

Anónimo disse...

Happy New Year!!


marialemos disse...

I had already heard Rumer while driving to/from Alentejo. Can't forget a distinctively good thing when i see or heard it. Damásio said that 'O saber ocupa lugar' and he explained to me the reasons for this statement. Well, sorry dear Damásio, but i disagree.Otherwise, i had already sent to the nowhere things that i learnt or experienced.
For you Philip a Happy 2011. And please don't forget that we count on you to surprise us with good music throughout the new year.

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