quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Deixa-me rir...

Caros Audiophiles, after several weeks of presenting some classic old artists and songs, it is time to introduce another new artist.
Actually Ane Brun is not exactly 'new', since this Norwegian singer has been performing for ten years, but until quite recently has been relatively unknown outside Scandinavia where she has won Norway's equivalent of a Grammy award.
I first heard her last year in a beautiful slow haunting acoustic version of an old 80s electro synthpop song Big In Japan, which encouraged me to uncover her own songs. Last week I went to see her in a captivating concert.
She is hard to describe. Her voice is pure, sometimes strong and confident, sometimes fragile and quivering. Her songs can be quiet and ethereal, or can be uptempo and experimental such as Do You Rememberand One. She reminds me a little of Kate Bush.
Here I present the more ethereal acoustic side of Ane Brun.

one more try

let myself go

big in japan

Let yourself go, let yourself flow, it's the only way of being...
A proxima.

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Anónimo disse...

Very nice voice. Big in Japan is almost unrecognizable, but quite attractive. Thanks for bringing us new names and new voices! Bjs. pcp

Anónimo disse...

Wonderful sound! Thanks for the introduction must hear more it is so soulful and compelling. carole railton London.

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